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Friday, Feb 08 2013 02:37 PM

Health Apps: 9 Apps to Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

Compiled by Marissa Lay

By Demand Media

Whether you want to quit smoking right away or gradually reach quitting, this app, backed by professionals in the smoking cessation field, allows you to create a personalized plan to help you reach your goals to stop smoking. With progress charts, tips, achievement badges and a cravings tracker, you are supported in the journey every step of the way. ($3.99; iPhone)

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HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker
By SwEng LLC

Keeping track of your blood pressure in the midst of a busy day can be difficult. This easy-to-use app makes recording your systolic and diastolic blood pressure, resting heart rate and weight less of a burden. It even automatically calculates your average arterial pressure, pulse pressure and body mass index, allowing you to see changes over time. ($0.99; iPhone)

Sleep Cycle
By Maciek Drejak Labs

Getting out of bed in the morning can be a difficult task. This app sets out to make waking up easy. As research indicates, poor sleeping habits can lead to chronic health-problems. Using the sensitive accelerometer in your device while tracking sleeping habits, this intelligent alarm clock, analyzes your sleep cycle and wakes you when in the lightest and most-preferred sleep stage. ($0.99; iPhone)

aSleep 3
By Signs Studios

This app is just what you need to assist you in falling asleep. From nature sounds to soft melodies, it offers 47 different noises to choose from. This easy-to-use app is also suitable for meditation, yoga and as a stress-release. ($0.99; iPhone)

By HC Apps

This popular dream dictionary and dream interpreter can become your new favorite app in deciphering your cryptic dreams. With thousands of meanings and a journal to record your dreams, the puzzles behind your dreams can be solved. (Free; iPhone)

SparkPeople Diet and Food Tracker

Created by such a popular diet and fitness website, this app makes getting healthy easier. It provides target ranges for success, the ability to sync-up to the website, a barcode scanner for fast food entries, daily meal plans, exercise demonstrations, and a weight, fitness, water and calorie tracker. ($3.99; iPhone and Android)

motionPHR Health Record Mngr
By Communication Software Inc.

There may come a time in your life where you will need your family’s personal health records at hand. This app makes that possible in the most convenient way. You can now store your medication types, immunizations, conditions, allergies, test results as well as a past or future procedures all in a safe and secure place on your device. ($9.99; iPhone and Android)

Restaurant Nutrition
By Unified Lifestyle

This app provides nutritional information and full restaurant menus for more than 250 restaurants and 60,000 food items. With the journal feature, you can track your items and total the number of calories you consume. (Free; iPhone and Android)

By Walgreen Co.

This app offers useful features to quickly interact with Walgreens. Edit and send photos for print from your device or Facebook, send refills by scanning the prescription barcode, set up refill and pill reminders, receive exclusive mobile coupons and in-store maps and search your local store’s product catalog. (Free; iPhone, Android, Blackberry)


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