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Saturday, Apr 14 2012 02:08 PM

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How can we look and feel younger?

  • Eat Well. Food items, such as fatty fish that are high in Ome- ga-3, dark fruit and low-fat dairy, are just a start to a great diet.
  • Get an adequate amount of sleep. Most people need seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep. Without quality sleep, the body doesn’t become rejuvenat- ed and can eventually look older.
  • Drink plenty of water and get rid of toxins. As people become older, their skin will become drier from producing fewer oils. Water helps keep skin hydrated and overall gives the impression of fewer wrinkles. Sweating from working out will also get rid of unwanted toxins and make your skin glow more.
  • Keeping a mental and physical balance while being optimistic is key to leading a healthy life. It’s the simple things in life: find a job that you love and spend quality time with family and friends.
  • Use sunscreen and facial mois- turizer on a daily basis. Women who wear make-up should find products offering sunblock protection. For men, keeping a clean, moisturized face before and after shaving can reduce the chances of getting unwanted bumps and irritation marks.
  • Quit smoking. Not only is it detrimental to a person’s health, it will quickly age a person’s skin and body, making them appear older than they really are.
  • Exercising and losing weight aren't always easy tasks. Set realistic goals when trying to improve your looks. It’s critical for people to accept themselves the way they are regardless of the goals they set for them- selves.
  • Eating items with antioxidants can help keep a person from aging. Many antioxidants can be found in foods that have high levels of citrus.
  • Get rid of daily stress. Waking up with a positive attitude and looking forward to a great day will help with feeling better.

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