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Defying the odds: Raelyn Guzman Ruffus, enduring an 'epic life'

By Lisa Kimble
Friday, Nov 08 2013 11:18 AM

Bakersfield fitness instructor Raelyn Guzman Ruffus breezes through Fit For Life Gym downtown with the confidence of a supermodel. At 5-foot-7-inches tall, the statuesque beauty is a testament to what she describes as an “epic life” of survival and miraculous recovery.

“Beauty comes after storms,” she said. “In my family, statistics and odds don’t matter compared to our faith.”

It is that deeply rooted spiritual faith that has kept the 29-year-old jumping through life’s hoops with unwavering optimism.

Time Out Raelyn grew up in Grass Valley, raised in a family where neither sports nor higher education were encouraged. One of six children, Raelyn saw her parents divorcewhen she was young. She is candid about some of her life’s...

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