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Real Success Stories: Greenfield Walking Group

Written by Kelly Damian
Sunday, May 11 2014 01:46 PM

Neighborhood Watch Meets Community Fitness Activists Every morning Griset Lopez ties a spangled wrap across her hips and, as the cumbia and salsa music blasts over the speakers, she dances and jokes around in her local park. When one of the instructors of the Zumba class at Stiern Park needs a break, Lopez jumps to the front of the group and leads the class in a hip-shaking, calorie-torching dance routine. It’s hard to imagine that when she started coming to the park one year ago, Lopez felt shy dancing in front of others and was 40 pounds heavier. “It makes you feel good,” the 37-year-old said in Spanish.

HEALTHY CHANGES The Greenfield Walking Group — the group responsible for the morning Zumba classes — has changed more than just...

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