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Real Success Stories: Find out where these famous rescued animals are now

By Melissa Peaker-Whitten Photos by Makenzie Barefield
Friday, Aug 08 2014 12:11 AM

Bakersfield has a soft spot for animals, in particular, those who have overcome extraordinary circumstances to be reunited with their owner or discovered by a new two-legged companion.

From dogs pulled back from the brink to a lucky bird plucked from a tree, find out how three pets that grabbed headlines are doing today.

  A life fit for a king We've all read stories of the brave princes who rescue damsels in distress, but the prince in this story was the one who was rescued by two women determined to help him.

When Courtney Clerico and Katy Hudson first discovered this dog in distress, he was on the side of Comanche Road, scared and confused. He would not leave the body of his mother that had been hit and killed by a car. Still a...

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