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Plant in fall for a great spring

By Rita White, co-owner of White Forest Nursery
Friday, Nov 07 2014 12:02 AM

Spring forward. Fall back. With our busy lives, it seems that when it comes time to plant our gardens, we are out of sync with the seasons.

When school starts, we are ready to plant pumpkins, but oops, too late! It's time to de-stress, reset the clock and begin again. Fall is the best time to plant most everything.

Why is planting in fall the best time? It gives the plants a head start. Planting now gets the roots established before the plant goes dormant when it gets cold. In the winter, the roots of your plants slowly keep growing and developing all winter long, so when the plant is ready to wake up in the spring, your plant has a large root system to support and grow your plant large and healthy for a beautiful spring show.

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