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Lisa Krch and Matthew Prewitt

‘Live Well’: Don’t eat an entire bag of Halloween candy in one night!

Wednesday, Oct 29 2014 04:04 PM

Halloween is the mecca of free candy for kids. But there are ways to prevent your little vampire or princess from devouring bags of candy on Halloween night.

According to Matthew Prewitt of Bustamante Pediatrics, eating a healthy meal before hitting the streets to trick or treat is the first tip.

“Have a good healthy dinner and you’ll be full enough to not want to have an overload on candy,” he said Wednesday on “Live Well.”

Once the trick-or-treat adventure is complete, Prewitt suggested parents divide the candy in piles. For example, all chocolates, chews, and lollipops make their own piles.

Once the candy has been sorted, take small bags and add one piece from each pile to the bag. Then collect the bags and place them in a...

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