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Get To Know: David Gordon

Compiled by Hillary Haenes
Friday, Aug 08 2014 12:17 AM

If you've had the opportunity to meet local artist and landscape designer David Gordon, you know he's also quite the comedian. In fact, this third-generation Kern County native said he has to have a daily dose of laughter and enjoys making others chuckle with his "mean Nancy Grace impression."

In May, Gordon was named executive director of the Arts Council of Kern and is currently working on a membership package like Kern County has never seen before, along with an amazing painting festival. Gordon urgers those interested to watch for updates at kernarts.org.

Gordon, 46, said he is happiest when traveling with his husband of 16 years, Robert Carbone, or they are watching TV together with all four dogs, Eunice, Dexter, Doug and Rhonda,...

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