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Get to know: Pam Fiorini, Golden Empire Gleaners

Compiled by April Massirio
Friday, Nov 08 2013 09:17 AM

Being the Executive Director of the Golden Empire Gleaners is quite a rewarding job. For Pam Fiorini, the best part about her position is “witnessing the overwhelming generosity, compassion and heart of our community for those in need,” said the 51-year-old.

Prior to joining the Gleaners six years ago, this Long Beach native was a substitute teacher at Our Lady of Perpetual Help and then worked at the district office for former state legislator Roy Ashburn for several years.

Learn a little more about Fiorini, how she balances wellness and what makes her happy: “I balance wellness by trying to listen to my body & mind and take care of them so that I am better able to turn my eyes away from myself & onto others. The quickest way to be...

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