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    ‘Live Well’: Newest models at Three-Way Chevrolet discussed

    The Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 is billed as the fastest street-legal Camaro ever built at the factory. The car is lightweight and incredibly powerful car as it goes down the streets of Bakersfield. That...

  2. ‘Live Well’: Esthetician shares tips for glowing skin in the summer

  3. ‘Live Well’: ‘Bakersfield Life’ salute to Kern County on your driveway this Saturday

  4. ‘Live Well’: Autism in U.S. toddlers on the rise

Your Health

  1. Addonis-4.jpg

    Defying the Odds: Adonis Watts — Strong Will, Strong Heart

    When your child is sick, you want to do whatever it takes to make them well. But what if it’s more than just a cold or flu? What do you do when the doctor tells you it’s not just an illness, but...

  2. Holistic Health: Vitamins & Supplements ... Do We Really Need Them?

  3. Health Apps: 9 Apps to Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

  4. Defying the Odds: Curtis Trigueiro — Too Close to Death's Door

Wellness & Wonder

  1. GreenfieldWalkingGroup.jpg

    Real Success Stories: Greenfield Walking Group

    Neighborhood Watch Meets Community Fitness Activists Every morning Griset Lopez ties a spangled wrap across her hips and, as the cumbia and salsa music blasts over the speakers, she dances and jokes...

  2. What Happens When... I Get Tested for Allergies

  3. Life & Happiness: The Art of Nothing

  4. Gardening: Sprucing Up Your Summer Garden

Creating Awareness

  1. SKOW-Velvet.jpg

    Some Kind of Wonderful: Velvet Ranjel

    Spreading Human Kindness to Strangers For Velvet Ranjel, human kindness is something that comes naturally, especially after she began working as a monitor tech at Dignity Health Bakersfield Memorial...

  2. B The Cause: The Stroke Survivor Support Group

  3. B The Cause: Bakersfield Police Activities League — 'Bonding Cops & Kids'

  4. Some Kind of Wonderful: Jacob Panero

Out & About

  1. GetToKnow-AmyAdams-web.jpg

    Get To Know: Amy Adams

    You may remember her as the pink-haired girl who was a finalist on the 2004 third season of ‘American Idol,’ but Amy Adams has certainly come a long way since then. Now, 10 years later, Adams’ hair...

  2. B Connected: ‘Make It Happen’ For Local Youth

  3. B Connected: Local Mother & Daughter's All-Natural Skin Care Line

  4. B Connected: Made For iPhone Hearing Aid Provides Life-impacting Benefits

Get Fit

  1. WorkoutMoves-120A4639.jpg

    Workout Moves: The Ultimate Workout for Moms on the Go

    The fear of bulking up or looking like a female body builder has long kept many women out of the weight room. Strength is often an overlooked component of physical health. However, functional...

  2. Diet Diary: Reggan & Brandon's May 2014 Update

  3. Golf: Getting Ladies on the Links

  4. Diet Diary: Reggan & Brandon's Weight-Loss New Year's Resolution 2014

Healthy Bites

  1. FitFoodies-8.jpg

    Fit Foodies: Coconut Joe's Beach Grill

    Editor’s Note: The B Well Fit Foodies are back in their quest to find local eateries that offer healthy menu options to help you make smarter dining choices. Their restaurant reviews appear regularly...

  2. Healthy Indulgence: Recipes with Honey to Help Heal Allergies

  3. Chew on This: Cucumbers

  4. Chew On This: Grapefruit

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